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How to Save a Life – On Your iPhone Battery That is

Apple’s new iOS 7.1 update has been a source of frustration for iPhone users since it came out, by draining batteries quicker than before. Although creators of the new update claim they only noticed a slight decrease in battery life post update, there might be a series of small issues draining your battery power. Prolong […]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Microsoft Office 365!

Microsoft Office and Office 365 are constantly changing to address your unique needs and requirements. For example, a variety of Microsoft products have been integrated with Office 365 to increase productivity and efficiency in your office. And that’s just the beginning of the evolution of Microsoft Office and Office 365. Here are 6 impressive facts […]

Forgot Your Apple ID Password, Email Address, or Security Questions? No Problem, Here’s How to Recover it!

If you have an Apple device, you’ve probably created an Apple ID to access various services. The ID enables you to access and download apps on iTunes, make purchases from the Apple store, and use iCloud. When you’re using a new device, you’re prompted to sign up for an Apple ID. This involves creating a […]