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Critical Crypto Flaw in Microsoft SChannel Affects All Windows Software: Patch Your Systems ASAP! Don’t Wait Until It’s Exploited!

A few months ago Heartbleed, apparently named after a James Bond villain, was a security bug that made headlines even in major, non-tech focused publications. This well-known bug was a flaw in the OpenSSL cryptography library, which is a layer of security between your computer and the servers of many major online services. Hackers were […]

5 Tips to Help You Experience the Evolution of Microsoft Office for Simplifying Your Workday

Microsoft Office is changing for the better. It has been revolutionized and helps you create the best looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations and advertisements for your business. Microsoft is stepping up and has gone above and beyond your expectations. Here are some tips for using your best office buddy: Modern Designs Take your old, outdated themed […]

5 Important Security Steps To Make Your Web Browser More Secure

Sometimes surfing the web is more like clinging to a piece of driftwood over shark-infested waters than it is relaxing on a boogie board off some warm island paradise. Every single day 20,000 to 30,000 new malicious URLs pop up, and some of those are taking over sites that were once safe. Here are 5 […]