New York City and New Jersey Free Technology Tips

Without having to give up entirely on cellphone use, there are ways to ensure that online communication remains safe and efficient.

Apple patched the security vulnerability in its messaging applications shortly after Charlie Miller, a professional hacker, demonstrated how easy it would be to hack into iPhones using a text message. The IT conference last July pointed out loopholes in existing messaging security of cellphones, benchmarking the need to revamp security for mobiles and fixed-line companies. […]

Save Time and Headaches With These Office Keyboard Tips and Tricks.

Does it seem like you spend more time than you should preparing documents in Office?  You are if you aren’t using these speedy keyboard shortcuts.   It may take you some time to get into the habit of using computer keys, instead of the mouse to complete tasks, but it will be worth your efforts in […]

5 Tips That Will Get Your Business Website Found On Google.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a collection of tactics that help to rank your business website in the first positions of a Google search.  There are many elements to developing a solid SEO strategy, but the following are five tips to help get you going. Link Your Sites. It’s helpful to link your social media […]