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URGENT. Change Your EBay Password.  They Got Hacked.

EBay’s parent company E-commerce, is asking all their users to change their passwords after a cyber attack compromised their database. So far they haven’t reported any stolen financial data, but to be certain you aren’t affected, it’s best to change your password. E-commerce also owns PayPal, however their data is stored on a separate network, […]

Your Small Business Is A Prime Target For Cyber Crime. 8 Steps You Should Take To Increase Your Security.

When looking for a victim, cyber criminals will go after small businesses that lack security controls. Hackers don’t want to go after the big companies that have layers of security in place — They want the easy targets. Unfortunately if you don’t have the proper security solutions in place, your small business is an easy […]

Are There Bugs In Your Apple?  Is Siri Revealing Your Secrets?

Apple has some nasty bugs in its iPhone operating systems (iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.0.4.). Did you know? Your emails and attachments aren’t being encrypted. A bug in your iPhone is preventing emails that are saved on your device from being properly encrypted Hackers can access your contact list using Siri without unlocking […]