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Keylogging and HIPAA Breaches.  What’s Hiding In Your Computers?

The University of California, Irvine Student Health Center has been the victim of a HIPAA breach.  Nearly 2,000 pieces of PHI (protected health information), including financial data, were stolen via a keylogger attack.  The keylogger collected this information for over a period of a month before being discovered. How This Happened.  The keylogger was residing […]

Tired of paying hidden fees with your current IT consultant? Here are some secrets to avoiding those hidden fees found in most Managed Services agreements.

Nobody likes to pay for a service only to be told they owe extra. Hidden fees are not only aggravating, but they’re also dishonest. Here are five ways to avoid paying more than the original agreement. Research first  Become knowledgeable in the information technology world before your IT Consultant tries to use jargon or tricks […]

7 Things NYNJA Technology Solutions Does Better Than Any Other New York or New Jersey IT Consulting Company

24/7 Monitoring We monitor your IT around the clock, preventing and fixing your IT issues to help you sleep easier at night. Most of the problems can be fixed remotely behind the scenes; in that case we fix it, document it, and continue on. If it is an issue we cannot fix remotely, a technician […]