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Don’t Have an Extra $2 Million Laying Around to Settle a HIPAA Fine? Then Pay Attention to Details and Encrypt Your Mobile Devices!

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights has fined two healthcare organizations for potential HIPAA violations resulting from unencrypted stolen laptops. The healthcare organizations received combined fines of nearly $2 million. That’s a fairly huge fine! The OCR is attempting to showcase the importance of mobile device security, however, many […]

Tired of IT Frustration? An Outsourced IT Department is Exactly What You Need!

According to recent reports by McKinsey & Co. and the Hackett Group, most businesses are looking to spend less money on IT operations and infrastructure, in order to put resources towards areas that produce more revenue. The reports also found that the majority of respondents want to spend less on IT infrastructure while shifting resources […]

How Easily Can Hackers Steal Information by Exploiting Heartbleed? Security Watch Tests the Vulnerability to Find Out!

Last week, security researchers revealed details about a dangerous security flaw known as Heartbleed. The security flaw enables cybercriminals to access and steal data from compromised versions of OpenSSL, which is used to secure communications on many major websites on the Internet. Since the vulnerability was disclosed, there’s been a lot of concern regarding what […]