Will Your Business Continue To Function When No One Can Reach You On The Telephone?

Reliable Working TelephonesWhile lots of businesses are using email more and more for daily communications, nothing beats a good phone call. Whether you’re maintaining a personal relationship with existing clients and vendors or trying to establish the right rapport with a prospective customer, you need the reliable and fast connection that only a telephone conversation can provide.

If your business telephone systems go offline, how long can you keep up those relationships? Will you still be able to serve your clients and make sales?

This is why it’s vital to include your phone systems in your Business Continuity plan. You need to go beyond just having backed-up files in order to recover from disaster and keep your business running. Using a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system for your phones keeps them running in the cloud at all times, so even if the power goes down or your office is flooded, you still have a reliable and active phone network at your fingertips.

Hosted VoIP phones run over the Internet instead of a traditional phone line. That might not sound like a big difference, but it can be what keeps your business running in the face of disaster.

These features of hosted VoIP telephones play a key part in your Business Continuity plan:

  • Reliability – No matter what happens to your in-office equipment, your hosted VoIP phone network is always available. This will let you call your clients and vendors to make other arrangements while you recover from any setbacks, and also allow you to keep receiving and answering calls during the recovery process.
  • Accessibility – Because your hosted VoIP telephone network is stored in the cloud, you and your staff can access it from any device with an Internet connection. While you’re in the office, it will be just like a traditional phone system, but you can also use it from your home computer, your mobile devices, or from a PC in a temporary location if your office is unavailable.
  • Flexibility – While you’re focusing on restoring your business, you can set up your phone calls to be automatically forwarded to another number like your mobile phone, to be responded to with a customized automatic response, or to be put to voicemail that is forwarded directly to your email. It’s simple to customize your options with VoIP phones so you can react appropriately to any level of disaster.

NYNJA can help your business migrate to a hosted VoIP telephone network smoothly and with a minimum of disruption to your operations. Our consultants and technicians are ready to meet with you, discuss how a hosted VoIP phone system will change and affect your business, and help you incorporate a reliable phone network into your Business Continuity strategy.

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