What’s The Difference Between Computer Repair and Network Computer Services?

The fundamental difference between computer repair and network computer services is that computer repair is a very reactive concept. Something breaks, you call your trusted technician and they make the fix — and bill you for time and materials while your staff members wait for their technical problems to be resolved. With network computer services, the model is entirely different. You enter into a longer-term partnership with an organization which works closely with you to create a proactive support infrastructure which often allows your staff to continue working even while a problem is being solved. Businesses that are looking for a way to normalize their annual IT costs and provide predictable service levels should investigate network computer services.

Computer Network Services

Why Are Technology Fixes So Expensive?

When you think about it, it makes sense why it’s so expensive to have a consultant or team come into your business and resolve a problem. Not only are they taking on a fair amount of liability for a short-term relationship, but they also have a substantial ramping up time and effort each time you need to have a problem resolved. This methodology is called “break-fix” for a reason: something breaks, and you invite someone to come fix it. This is especially problematic when you consider the costs of a break-fix solution include internal IT or management time, additional contracts or scoping of a work project, lost productivity for business staff . . . Plus the additional upcharge for the services that are rendered by your consultants. All of these items can quickly add up to make a small issue become a much larger cost than initially expected. What’s worse is that it’s nearly impossible to budget for specifically when something is going to break.

How Can I Accurately Project IT Costs?

Holding a pattern in your technology costs can be a challenge. Business units are always looking for additional functionality for their budget dollars, and it can be difficult to justify why that project didn’t get completed due to lack of funds. When you have to divert dollars from an upcoming project to pay for an unexpected problem resolution, it can raise eyebrows and cause questions from leadership. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you’re able to accurately predict the costs to maintain your business infrastructure is to work with a network computer services partner. This type of relationship comes with a variety of benefits, such as the assurance that patches are resolved and applied quickly and accurately to your software and hardware.

Can Network Computer Services Improve My Security?

Internal technology leaders or teams are nearly always overworked, with more projects than they can possibly accomplish in a year. Unfortunately, this can mean that there are difficult decisions to be made: do you schedule a security review and patch your software or do you get started scoping that new website that marketing desperately wants? Both activities require time from the technology team, but there are risks down either path. If you decide to put off a new projects for a security review, you take the chance that teams will begin doing their own development and open up security risks. If you take on the new project, you’re risking a cybercriminal finding a way to infiltrate your network security. This is the type of challenge that is tailor-made for a network computer services team, as they can help resolve your infrastructure security challenges and provide internal teams with an opportunity to support new business requirements. Ongoing, scheduled maintenance and robust security procedures help protect your organization and your sensitive customer data. These updates and proactive monitoring are crucial to ensuring that your organization does not fall subject to the latest malware or phishing tactics.

Working with a managed services provider has a range of benefits: more predictable technology costs over time, improved network security and technology maintenance and better overall experience for your business users. Working with a network computer services organization provides your team with the in-depth knowledge and additional skill sets to supplement their own expertise. Your trusted services provider is able to leverage best practices from across various industries to offer you superior remote service and ongoing support, depending on your particular contract levels.