What Does 2016 Have In Store For You?

Where do you see your company in a year from now?

Researchers asked that same question to business technology pros, and they had a few predictions of what the forecast would be for 2016. They came up with a lot of answers, but some major trends began to appear.

2016 Information Technology Planning

Information Security

Data security has been, and will continue to be, a major concern in 2016. How can things improve when, 74% of data breaches in 2015 were caused by errors and bugs in the system that went ignored, even after the data breach. The fact is, 51% of major companies say that security is not going to be a major concern. If something as huge as data breaches isn’t going to be a priority, then what is!?!?

Technology Budgets

The study has predicted that the 2016 budgets will continue the plateau of 2015. Estimates are being made about how much budgets will grow or shrink. Of those surveyed:

  • 38% expect their budgets to increase.
  • 10% expected them to shrink.
  • 42% expecting their budgets to stay the same.

Either way the difference will be marginal. The remaining 11% claim to be completely unaware of next year’s budget and with no way to prepare, that creates other problems.

IT Staffing

One of the recommendations IT professionals have made to corporations is to increase staffing to tackle some of the problems occurring within the company. With the recommendation 59% of corporation’s surveyed plan on keeping staffing levels the same and only 34% plan on hiring more people. The remaining 7% won’t be so lucky.  But not to worry, you’re not alone!

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