Setting Up a New Computer After Black Friday: It’s Not Always Something to Cheer About!

Black FridayA wonderful time of the year where Black Friday and holiday sales are spreading some cheer. It was such a good sale, you had to run in and grab that new computer for your office! Did you know they don’t come with the necessities loaded on them?

Immediate Needs

Any new computer needs better software, in order to do what you need it to do; documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email management and more. Making sure you have the right software installed will ensure higher productivity and less downtown. Also, don’t be left in the dark in case of viruses and malware, which can be seen on Macs and PCs. Be protected and make sure you have a secure backup solution for every computer and user. Getting everything ready to go, from the following list, will ensure you are ready to work:

  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Backup software
  3. Cloud solutions or onsite backup
  4. Internet security protection
  5. Malware prevention
  6. Completing all updates
  7. Optimizing your computer
  8. Uninstalling unnecessary software

Time Constraints

It’s not that setting up your new office machine is difficult, but it is time consuming and requires some background knowledge. Some computers come with over 19 programs that should be uninstalled for your machine to perform how it should. This can take a minimum of 45 minutes, and don’t forget about all those updates and plug-ins you need to install. Knowing the right ones, and the sites to get them from, is important. The last thing you want to do is be infected with malware, so make sure you are on the correct site. In total, properly setting up your computer will, on average, be about one day.

Sounds Like a Headache?

If you feel like spending the time and setting up your computer is counter-productive, or you don’t want to take any risks, call our team of IT experts. Having the right people configuring your setup for your needs can make your job that much easier. Our team will be able to do it quickly and get you exactly what you need for your computer. Don’t forget about those network printers and servers you have, we can handle that, too.

Get your system up and running properly with ease and simplicity. If you are having troubles doing it yourself, or don’t want to spend your valuable time on time consuming tasks, give us a call at NY (845) 664-4357, NJ (201) 785-7800 or email us at NYNJA, assisting and providing solutions for your needs.