7 Things NYNJA Technology Solutions Does Better Than Any Other New York or New Jersey IT Consulting Company

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your IT around the clock, preventing and fixing your IT issues to help you sleep easier at night. Most of the problems can be fixed remotely behind the scenes; in that case we fix it, document it, and continue on. If it is an issue we cannot fix remotely, a technician will be at your place of business to fix it as soon as possible.

Provide Competitive Advantages

Productivity is essential to your business success; there is no doubt about it. With NYNJA Technology Solutions, we make sure that downtime is a thing of the past, and it stays there! Experience a faster, more organized, and secure network and leave all the IT issues for us to deal with.

Set Fixed, Monthly, Flat-Rates

Quit spending time stressing about surprising IT costs, and let NYNJA Technology Solutions put your mind at ease. With fixed, monthly flat-rates, take advantage of our full services around the clock. When you hire NYNJA Technology Solutions, you’re planning a better, more predictable future for your business’ success.

Provide Services You Understand

NYNJA Technology Solutions ensures everything we do is explained to you in a language you can understand by our IT support technicians. No more getting headaches trying to understand all the technical terms being used.

Plan Goal Meetings

NYNJA Technology Solutions will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your short- and long term goals, and strategize a plan to immediately put in motion. We will monitor computer network needs as your business grows, predict long term need for technology and costs, and optimize your office machines and distribute machines to employees in need.

Maintain Close Bonds

At NYNJA Technology Solutions, we maintain close bonds with our vendors; this allows us to put new hardware and software technologies to the test before distributing them in our client’s businesses.

Work Done Right

At NYNJA Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves in our hard work, and it shows! We go to great lengths to cover all your IT needs and keep you satisfied with every aspect of service we provide.

To get started with NYNJA Technology Solutions today, call us at NY (845) 664-4357, NJ (201) 785-7800 or email us at info@nynja.com. We are here to cover all bases of your IT needs and to keep you satisfied.