Quality IT Support & IT Services For Business in New York and New Jersey

We offer you predictable and reliable unlimited IT support for a monthly, flat-rate payment. Leave the worry of surprising IT costs in the past, paying for flat-rate IT support is the best investment decision you could make for your company today. NYNJA Technology Solutions have all the solutions you need, at a price you can afford.

Quit worrying about surprising IT costs, and start focusing on your business. Call NYNJA Technology Solutions at NY (845) 664-4357, NJ (201) 785-7800 or email us at info@nynja.com and start planning a better and more predictable future for your business today.

By choosing flat-rate, you are choosing constant monitoring, maintenance, and services for your business. Quit worrying about downtime, at NYNJA Technology Solutions, we work after hours preventing and fixing anything from the smallest IT issue, to major IT problems that could bring your business down without you even being aware. Our routine maintenance ensures your business is always running and bringing in profit due to increased productivity.

Most IT companies use a break-fix approach, meaning when something in your IT breaks, their job it to fix it. At NYNJA Technology Solutions, we do things differently, and more effectively. We wish to have our goals meet your goals which is – keeping your business up and running and preventing downtime at all costs. Sleep better at night knowing your IT is being closely monitored and taken care of, quit worrying about unexpected IT costs, and know exactly what to expect. We want you to have your priorities in order with running your business first – and leave the worrying about your IT to our team of NJ and NY IT support experts.

Need a second opinion on your business IT services?  NYNJA is here to help.  Call NY (845) 664-4357, NJ (201) 785-7800 or drop us an email at info@nynja.com.  We will contact you right away and arrange a time to meet with you and review your business IT service needs.