When Their Previous IT Consultant Was Nowhere to be Found, Fossil Farms Looked to NYNJA Technology Solutions for Quick IT Issue Resolution & Innovative IT Solutions!

Fossil Farms, a family-owned and operated business founded in 1997 and located in Boonton, NJ, provides the highest quality meats for chefs, food service distributors, restaurants, and home cooks, including duck, elk, rabbit, wild boar, venison, and much more. When Fossil Farms was dealing with an unresponsive New Jersey IT support company while looking to leverage the latest IT solutions designed to greatly increase productivity for their small business, they decided to find an IT support company that could be relied on!

As an exotic food distributor, Fossil Farms looks to their IT support company for guidance, innovative solutions, and support. In fact, information technology plays a huge role in their day-to-day operations, and when their information technology fails, or doesn’t work at peak performance, it’s fundamental to have a responsive team of IT experts looking out for them!

The Situation: A Major IT Issue Causing Significant Downtime – And Their Previous IT Consultant Was Impossible to Reach

When Fossil Farms was experiencing a major IT issue, their previous IT consultant was nowhere to be found! Lance Applebaum, CEO at Fossil Farms, explained, “On my small server, we were having a huge issue, and not only did my previous IT person not have an answer, but he was nowhere to be found! I was down for the entire day! I found another IT person who tried to help me, but he made the problem worse.

He continued, “Then when he was on the phone later in the afternoon, he was talking to Matt Hodge [Owner and President at NYNJA Technology Solutions], who seemed to know what the problem was and said he’d come down and check it out. He came the following morning and fixed the problem within 25 minutes! Before he left, I took him in my office and said ‘you’re hired and I’m firing the other guy now.’”

The Resolution: Quick Resolution of the IT Issue & Innovative IT Solutions Designed to Increase Productivity

After NYNJA Technology Solutions resolved the issue quickly and efficiently, Fossil Farms decided to hire them immediately! Since then, Fossil Farms has benefited immensely from proactive IT services and support. Lance discussed the fantastic service he receives, “My business is growing, and my sales people are on the road, I’m upgrading my business software, and at the time, we needed a new server.

He continued, “I asked what they could do, and they know I like the newest and greatest technology. They took us from an on-premise server environment to an outside, cloud-based server environment. They made it work for us! Rather than getting new systems for my employees every few years, I just needed a basic workstation for everybody, so my overhead cost per employee would go down. The cloud-based server environment gives outside sales people real-time access on the go.”

The Outcome: An Ongoing Relationship Wherein the Client’s Need for Responsive Support and the Latest Technologies Are Met!

Since working with NYNJA Technology Solutions, Fossil Farms has been able to achieve a higher level of productivity and profitability as a result of using information technology effectively. Lance offered some insight, “I know what I’m getting, I know they’re going to take care of problems, and their response time is very good. I’d definitely recommend them because I know the work they do for me. If I recommend something or somebody, it better be the best because its got my name attached to it! They do great work.”

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