Benefits Of “The Cloud”

Examining the Many Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

It has been all the rage in recent years for business networks to migrate, in whole or in part, to cloud-based computing services. And for good reason – businesses utilizing cloud services gain a number of benefits, not the least of which is cost-cutting via the safeguards of adequate backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Other cloud-based services allow companies to save on certain services that are migrated to “the cloud,” and which are, in many cases, more automated than non-cloud services. A good example of this is SaaS, or Software as a Service, or Storage as a Service, which gives businesses a wealth of options in terms of data storage, traffic, and application.

The Cloud

Business Adaptability

The benefits of cloud computing include the adaptability it offers businesses of any size. As a result of being able to have more data stored in less (or no) hardware, your options expand as far how as access, traffic, communications, and distribution of said data is administered. It also allows you to streamline staff, re-assign duties, and even plan for future growth and productivity with cloud-based programs. The cloud’s flexibility also means data deployments are quicker, as are updates to cloud systems that implement even more streamlining capability in perpetuity.

Cloud Security

With the built-in security features that come with the cloud package, businesses can enjoy greater security measures while their productivity and profitability increase. This is a big part of what has made cloud computing for businesses so attractive, of course.

Other benefits of cloud services for businesses include:

  • Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention
  • Easy Management and Administration
  • Convenience and Efficiency
  • Facilitates More Collaborative Projects
  • Remote Access Enabling (Think employee telecommuting)
  • Incentivizing Greater Employee Teamwork and Flexible Access

Averting Data Disaster

Perhaps the most attractive attribute of cloud computing at this juncture of the global economy is the ability to avert disaster with backup and recovery that allows business continuity to flourish unimpeded. This includes both natural, human-caused, and technological-failure types of disaster. Just ask Erin Snyder Dixon, a spa/salon owner in Newport News, VA and survivor of three hurricanes how important cloud services are. Says Dixon, “Back up everything and store off-site (as well as in the cloud). Cloud-based storage retrieval may be hampered in the case of a disaster.”

Ask the IT Experts

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