6 Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Valuable Productivity Time While Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel TipsWhile Microsoft Excel is a powerful program, it’s certainly not the easiest application to use. But fortunately, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time getting to know the majority of features available. And there’s still quite a few beneficial hidden features to learn.

Here’s 6 tips and tricks to help you save valuable productivity time while using Microsoft Excel:

  1. Easily Calculate the SUM: It’s simple to add an entire row or column – simply click on the first empty cell in your desired column, then enter the formula “ALT + =” to add up the numbers in every cell.
  2. Navigate from Top to Bottom: If you have thousands of rows worth of data, then you probably don’t want to waste your time scrolling up and down. There’s a simple solution: press command and the up or down arrows to scroll from the first cell to the last.
  3. Adjust the Width of Columns: When you’re looking to adjust the width of columns, simply click on the column’s header and drag left or right until you’ve achieved your desired width.
  4. Create Charts: Looking to create a chart? First, enter data within the column headers, then select Insert, Chart, and choose a type of chart that suits your needs. Also, go to the Chart Tools menu to customize your chart!
  5. Enter the Right Data: Excel’s Data Validation feature helps you enter the right data. First, go to a table that contains one type of data, then visit the Table Tools tab to select Data Validation and specify the type of data in those cells.
  6. Delete Blank Rows: If you have various data that’s separated out by blank rows, it’s easy to delete these rows – select a column, press F5, click on Special, then select the “Blanks” option and go to Excel’s Home tab and press Delete to eliminate those blank rows.

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